Healthcare Informatics – Changing the Way of Healthcare

By | November 8, 2010

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HEALTCARE informatics are very important for both patient and doctors. Because, they are larger than patient informations. The industry also encompasses home-health device monitoring, bioinformatics, imaging data management, public health reporting and health management informatics which uses scheduling and regulatory compliance. It uses advanced communication technology to cater the needs of health care industry. It helps in maintaining patient records which makes the

job of healthcare departments easy. There are various domains where health care information system can be used. Nursing, pharmacy, and hospital management are some of them where it has been linked up. It has also proven successful with clinical research management. It assists in managing the data of clinical research work and analyses the data and gives the reports. Health information management is a part of informatics which helps in organizing offices and hospitals. It also analyses the patient profile and takes care if the patient gets treatment properly. Healthcare predictive analytics is a process where the information system analyzes the data and also predicts the future healthcare prospects of individuals. Since privacy of patient is an important concern it is taken care of high range security systems enabled which do not allow any unauthorized penetration. Healthcare predictive modeling is a process which helps in building data models using the sophisticated computing so that the information presented can be compared and comprehensively understood. This helps in easy decision making by the industry professionals. It converts the complicated data into simple models in computer that could be easily understood. Healthcare informatics also analyses the patient profile of them who are eligible for medical claims. It prepares comprehensive details of patient healthcare till data and makes sure that the individual entitled for the claim gets his/her complete due. Healthcare network management is a process which takes care of providing troubleshoot and customer care service

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